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  • Date: 05/09/2012
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KPMG Wins "Best Use of Creativity in the Community" Award 


Terence O’Rourke, Managing Partner, KPMG:  I saw Dublin Contemporary as a statement of Dublin as a vibrant city with a great cultural imagination. You walk around this exhibition, and you just see the things you see stretch your mind, and the creative talent has been brought together in one place is just fantastic


Aideen Darcy Curatorial Manager, Dublin Contemporary 2011: We have had an opportunity to exhibit artworks, very contemporary artworks about what’s happening now in the world. There is really 114 artists and 114 opinions in this show.
Lynn McGrane, Education Officer, Dublin Contemporary 2011: It’s been nice to get all lot of different sorts of people coming through the building that are curious about not only the work that we have on show but also the building itself.

Karina Howley, Head of Corporation Social Responsibility, KPMG: We’re really pround to be the education sponsor for Dublin Contemporary because we really see education as being broader than just reading and learning; it’s also about broadening the imagination and the minds of our young people in the more holistic artistic experience, and we feel that’s a great way of encouraging innovation and imagination with students.


Aideen Darcy, Curatorial Manager, Dublin Contemporary 2011: I think every single person who has come into the building has probably been affect by the education programme with a 10 minute talk or with a highlights tour, you know we have got tiny contemporary and baby contemporary, we have 3 year olds, 5 year olds come and do a workshop and then you see them going around the building with their parents looking at art; that’s really exciting, and I think the perception of an exhibition will have changed thanks to the support of KPMG and the whole education programme.


Karina Howley, Head of Corporation Social Responsibility, KPMG: We’ve had a great example of a student from CBS Westland Row who is our partner school with KPMG. Chloe has been on a week’s work experience with Dublin Contemporary, and she's really had an amazing insight into the intricacies of the world of art and in terms of what goes on behind the scenes.
Aoife Kehoe, Westland Row: With Lynne, we sat down and planned a programme. What we wanted to do was really just have the students have an experience of Contemporary art, which they hadn’t ever really had before

Student A: I thought it was, like, going to be lectures all the time, and not doing stuff but, when we actually went to it, it was quite good. We went out on the streets, we done stuff in the building itself and they had a completely outlook of what we do here.


Student B: The squid on the ground, the squid made out of clay.


Students C & D: And then the mirrors, do you remember the mirrors? That bed was the big huge bed, was very interesting. You were allowed on it and jump up and down.


Student A: Some exhibitions, you can’t go near it and stuff like that, so it's good the way you can go near the exhibition and get to have a look at it better.


Lynn McGrane, Education Officer, Dublin Contemporary 2011: We haven’t just done programmes within the building, we have gone out to schools, we’ve been able to run a young curators' programme, we ran a programme that enabled us to work with people with Alzheimer's and their families. The feedback has been amazing, actually in the press and then also among the family members and the people who came to it because it is the first of its kind in the country. Without funding, there’s just no way we would be able to do it, and that kind of stuff really creates an impact.


Aideen Darcy, Curatorial Manager, Dublin Contemporary 2011: We didn’t know it was going to be such a success, it’s been phenomenal, and again that’s with the support of KPMG.


Terence O’Rourke, Managing Partner, KPMG: It’s tough times out there at the moment and every penny is hard earned and you’ve to spend it very carefully, but i think this is something you do have to continue to support and spend in terms of supporting arts and supporting a wonderful project like Dublin Contemporary. I think as part of KPMG, I think our people expect it of us and I think our clients welcome it, I think we’ve got to continue to reach out and look for these kind of projects to support and help as it is an important part of what we do.

KPMG is delighted to have won the "Best Use of Creativity in the Community" award at the Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2012, which were held on 4 September at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin. The award recognises KPMG's support of the education programme at Dublin Contemporary 2011 – Ireland’s international art exhibition.


At KPMG, we aim to contribute positively to our society and to create a sustainable business future. From our sponsorship of the arts in Ireland – North and South – to our school education programmes in Dublin and Belfast, we are committed to making a real difference.


The above video highlights our support of the education programme at Dublin Contemporary 2011. We hope it gives you a flavour of what an exciting exhibition it was and just how much fun and enjoyment it provided to everyone associated with the project.


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