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  • Date: 01/03/2013

Industry Insights – Key trends facing the investment management industry 

KPMG International sat down with more than 30 Chief Executive Officers from firms across Europe to gauge their thoughts on the state of the Investment Management industry. The results were illuminating across five key areas which are seen to influence the industry - geopolitical instability, regulatory change, changes to distribution models, due diligence and transparency and impact on new potential marketing players.


Global markets continue to regroup in the wake of the worst financial crisis in memory. While the Euro-zone appears to be stabilising, there remain fundamental unresolved issues that could see the region slip into crisis any moment. In addition, many observers remain sceptical because of the serious governance challenges facing many of these regions, not to mention the sweep of regulatory change that continues to drive industry transformation in markets around the world. And as the backdrop to all of this, the financial services industry continues to scramble to rebuild the public trust that was shattered in the aftermath of the financial crisis.


While this wave of rapid, transformative change will undoubtedly leave a number of casualties in its wake, many of the leaders who spoke to KPMG suggest that it will also present valuable opportunities for the most proactive, agile and forward-thinking players to evolve, adapt and continue to lead the industry in the years to come.



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