IFRS for Investment Funds 

Our series of IFRS for Investment Funds publications addresses practical application issues that investment funds may encounter when applying IFRS.

Financial Reporting by Investment Managers

This report was developed by KPMG UK's financial sector assurance services department. The insights are based on discussions with our firm's clients, our professional assessment of key accounting and regulatory developments and through our links with policy bodies.


Download Financial Reporting by Investment Managers here


Defining Issues

Defining Issues addresses developments in Lease Accounting; click here for previous issues.


First Impressions

First Impressions are prepared for new standards or significant amendments to existing standards. These publications include a discussion of the key elements of the new requirements and highlight areas that may result in a change of practice.



IFRS Practice Issues

These publications address practical application issues that an entity may encounter when applying IFRSs. They may include discussion of selected requirements, interpretative guidance and illustrative examples.



New on the Horizon

New on the Horizon publications consider the requirements of IASB Exposure Drafts. They include a discussion of the key elements of the proposed requirements and respective observations. Visit this page to view previous issues.




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Investment Management

Investment Managers are under pressure. Pressure to be both proactive and protective in an ever changing world and yet capable of managing a demanding regulatory environment. Being competitive, innovative and fast are all prerequisites for investment management success in a rapidly changing world. So how can you be sure that you’re making the most informed choices?

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