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F.ounders New York 

14 March 2013

F.ounders New York, sponsored by KPMG, took place at Nasdaq on Times Square on 14 March 2013. This elite gathering of some of the world’s leading tech founders and venture capitalists kicked off with the ringing of the opening bell at the Nasdaq. The day comprised of panel discussions on matters such as: the future of payments, the pros and cons of staying private, and who’s next to IPO. There were also a number of fireside discussions with inspirational leaders like Aaron Levie, founder of Box, and the world-renowned economist, Jeffrey Sachs.


The event also gave attendees the opportunity to network with company founders and CEOs. The issues discussed included internationalisation, and the challenges of expanding into Europe, which affects many of the U.S. founders.



founders new york

Pictured at F.ounders New York, L-R Tim Walsh (Partner, KPMG New York), Bob Garrett (Managing Partner, KPMG New York), Brian Hughes (Partner, KPMG Philadelphia and Head of Venture Capital, US East Coast), Anna Scally (Partner, KPMG Ireland), Tim Foster (Director, KPMG New York)


This was the second time F.ounders took place outside of Ireland, and Ireland was well represented by Liam Casey of PCH, and Conor Murphy from Datahug.


In addition, START New York took place on 15 March 2013.This was like a mini “Dublin Web Summit” with approximately 500 exhibitors and attendees. Many of the companies in attendance had been selected by the already successful participants at F.ounders and were identified by them as the next wave of tech high-fliers. The day was a mix of engaging with those companies, and listening to panel discussions, including one chaired by Tim Foster of KPMG New York. START was also critically about networking and meeting up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs.


All in all, both days were inspirational and productive. F.ounders will return to its home in Dublin in October 2013, as will the Dublin Web Summit, which promises to be bigger than ever this year.


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