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  • Date: 20/06/2013

Employee Issues to Consider 

Expanding into New Markets

Many Irish businesses are seeking to develop growth opportunities overseas. Doing so is likely to involve sending employees abroad for business development and marketing trips and sometimes on assignment.


This booklet is designed to help you assess many of the key employee related issues to bear in mind when expanding your business in these new and challenging markets.

expanding into new markets
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  • Some key considerations
  • Do I need to obtain immigration clearance for employees?
  • How do I treat reimbursement of travel and business expenses?
  • Will I need to continue to operate Irish payroll taxes as well as foreign payroll taxes?
  • Short term assignments abroad (remaining Irish resident)
  • Transfer to foreign company (remaining Irish resident)
  • Longer term assignments (Irish residence broken)
  • Will employees on assignment remain within the scope of Irish Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)?
  • How do I treat relocation expenses for employees?
  • What tax issues should I address when I set internal employment policies for mobile employees?
  • Tax equalisation or tax protection?
  • Do I need to adjust parts of the remuneration package such as share schemes and pension benefits for employees on assignment?
  • Equity compensation and share options
  • Pension coverage
  • Other issues

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Expanding into New Markets

Expanding into new markets is the obvious next step for businesses in Ireland - North and South. Building scale and driving profitability are key issues – but what of the challenges?

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