• Industry: Food, Drink, Agri-Business & Bloodstock
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report, Video
  • Date: 05/06/2013
  • Length: 3:41 Minutes

Agri-Business Report 2013 

agribusiness report

The performance of the agri-business sector is critical to Ireland’s economic well-being. KPMG have partnered with the Irish Farmers Journal to produce the first annual agri-business report. As the domestic and European economies continue to struggle to return to sustained economic growth, the results of the survey provide a refreshingly optimistic outlook for the agribusiness sector in 2013. Two out of three respondents predict that their own business will grow by more than 2% in 2013.


Find out more by downloading the full report. (PDF, 9.2MB)


Food, Drink, Agri-business & Bloodstock

Ireland’s food, drink, agri-business & bloodstock sectors are entering a period of growth which presents exciting opportunities, as well as challenges. These challenges include obtaining finance, M&A, developing international markets, taxation, corporate governance and compliance.