We are delighted to launch the KPMG 2014/15 Investment Management Seminar Series.


This programme is designed to update you on all new and pending accounting, taxation, legal and regulatory changes that will have a direct impact on the industry.


Each seminar will be held in our office at 1 Harbourmaster Place in the IFSC, will commence at 8:30am with breakfast available from 8:00am and will conclude by 9:30am.


Please select your chosen topics from the programme below and complete the registration field to ensure that you receive an invitation.

ICAV Update - The ICAV - What you need to know

Chairperson: Gareth Bryan

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Legislation is expected to be finalised shortly that will allow the formation of ICAVs (Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicles), Ireland’s first tailor-made Corporate Funds Vehicle. This session will provide a short overview of the ICAV setting out the key tax, legal and accounting aspects you should know about in advance of its imminent introduction. We will also provide a summary of the Companies Bill 2012 changes relevant to investment companies (Part XIII companies).


Accounting Update - Changes on the Horizon

Chairperson: Liam McNally

Thursday, 13 November 2014


With the forthcoming replacement in 2015 of UK/Irish GAAP by the new FRS102 framework, we discuss this reporting regime and its potential impact on Investment Management. This will include alternative options available, such as conversion to IFRS. 


The seminar will also provide a brief update on the impact of AIFMD on financial statement disclosure, key changes under US GAAP and IFRS for 2014 year ends, and those now on the horizon.


Tax Update - Year-end Operational Tax Considerations

Chairperson: Ted McGrath

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


As the number and complexity of tax considerations for investment funds, their service providers and investors continues to increase, we will provide a short overview of operational tax issues that should be considered in advance of year-end. These will include an update on tax risk management for investment funds, what upcoming FATCA related actions may be relevant and recent withholding tax developments.


Regulatory Update- Keeping Abreast of all the New Investment Management Legislative Changes

Chairperson: Heleen Rietdijk

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


As the European Commission has put Investor Protection as one of their top priorities the Investment Management Industry has seen a whole host of new regulation already implemented and 2015 brings even more legislation into force. We will share a short overview of these recent and expected changes with regard to applicable legislation for Investment Managers and Investment Funds.