Global tax developments for Insurance Groups

BEPS, UK diverted profits tax, transfer pricing - Where it all stands


4.00pm – 30 April 2015

KPMG, 1 Stokes Place, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2


The BEPS project continues to gather pace, and with so much documentation and talk it is hard to see the wood for the trees. The actions on transfer pricing, risk allocations and pricing are reporting, causing more confusion than clarity. Some countries are moving ahead anyway, such as the UK with the diverted profits tax to be introduced just before the general election. Given the deluge of paper, it is time to sit back and take stock of what is actually out there, and where and when it might resolve itself. We are therefore delighted to offer an intimate roundtable discussion, where we can provide you with the space to consider these issues in a structured way.


If you are interested in attending this informative discussion, please email