“Our tax advisors support clients in tax planning and compliance in order to help manage their tax burden and reduce their tax risks.”

Gabor Beer

Gabor Beer

Partner, Head of Tax and Legal Services

+36 (1) 887-7329

Tax and Legal Services 

Most enterprises cannot be expected to have a perfect overview of the labyrinth world of taxation. We know the small-print, we know the risks, we know the opportunities.

Tax is a boardroom issue when a company is seeking to expand its business, it can be a major cost of running a successful business, and can also represent a substantial outflow of funds. Add to this the drain on management time caused by increased reporting obligations, a more aggressive approach by the tax authorities and harsher penalties for noncompliance, and your tax burden can be significantly larger than you would like.

The number one priority of our Tax practice is to deliver a portfolio of services that matches organizations' changing needs in today's global marketplace. We help clients manage their tax burden and obligations, find the often over-looked benefits, benefit from state or EU co-financed subsidies and the development tax allowance, or systematically plan ahead as well as adapt to rapid changes, and deal effectively with the tax authorities.

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Online tax rate tool

Online tax rate tool
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