IFRS-related translation services

Translation services 

The KPMG translation group was formed in 1993 and consists of professional translators with university degrees in economics and post-graduate training in translation; in addition to work performed for clients in relation to KPMG’s professional services, the group also provides translation, proof-reading and interpreting services on a separate basis. Thanks to the many years of translation experience in diverse fields of business, including accounting, auditing, financial services, tax advisory, logistics, business advisory and business IT, coupled with the support of other professionals at the firm, the translation group has up-to-date professional linguistic expertise at its fingertips that constitutes a major competitive advantage in the fields mentioned. Since 1999 the translation group has also been using the work of English and German native speaker translators.

Subicz Anita

Subicz Anita

Head of Translators

+36 (1) 887-6539

Our Translation services

  • financial statements and auditor’s reports in all sectorsof the economy
  • Audit-related documents, reports
  • International Financial Reporting Standards – preparation for adoption in Hungary, professional statements, parent company manuals adopted for use by a specific entity, IFRS financial statements and auditor’s reports
  • Accounting manuals
  • Bookkeeping and financial software
  • Economic analyses, forecasts
  • Tax advisory materials
  • Transfer pricing documentations, documentationsof group level operational processes
  • Business advisory materials
  • Certified translation of documents within a legally specified scope



  • Recognised professional support of Hungary’s leading audit and business advisory company in all of the afore-mentioned translation fields
  • Consistent and accurate use of terminology ensured by our Déjà Vu translation memory software database that is kept constantly up-to-date based on the professional support background and the many years of professional translation experience
  • Professionally thorough and reliable service based on KPMG’s internationally accepted professional and quality standards, the qualifications of our translators and their almost two decades of experience working at KPMG
  • Efficient service at competitive rates thanks to the factors outlined above