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Larry Bradley

Larry Bradley, Global Head of Audit, KPMG International

Larry is the Global Head of Audit. He has been with KPMG for 30 years, having spent 17 of them as a SEC Reviewing Partner. Based in New York, Larry is a member of the Board of Directors of Park Indemnity Limited where he chairs the Audit Committee. He has served as the lead audit signing partner and SEC Reviewing partner on numerous Global and Fortune 500 companies.

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Larry Leva

Larry Leva, Global Vice Chairman, Quality and Risk Management, KPMG International

Larry is Global Vice Chairman of Quality and Risk Management for KPMG International and serves as an executive member of the senior leadership team and as an Account Executive for a number of clients. During his 34 years with KPMG, he has held numerous leadership positions, including Chair of the US Board's Audit and Finance Committee and Lead Partner on some of KPMG's largest global accounts.

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Mark Vaessen

Mark Vaessen, Global Head of IFRS, KPMG International

Mark is KPMG's Global IFRS Network Leader and Chair of the Corporate Reporting Policy Group of the European Federation of Accountants. He set up and led the KPMG International Financial Reporting Group, KPMG's London-based Global Centre of Excellence on IFRS from 1997 to 2006, during the time that IFRS was first implemented by thousands of companies in the EU and in countries such as Australia and South Africa. In 1993 to 1995, Mark was on a secondment at the European Commission, where he worked in the policy unit dealing with accounting and auditing regulatory issues.

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Jean-Paul Vellutini

Jean-Paul Vellutini, Head of Audit, KPMG in France

Jean-Paul is Head of Audit in France. He joined KPMG in 1985 and was elected to partnership in 1997. He has led the Industrial Products Business Unit in France and was Head of the EMA Region from 2011 to 2013. He is and has been Lead Partner on a number of French PIEs and global accounts.

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Tony Cates

Tony Cates, Head of Audit, KPMG in the UK

Tony is Head of Audit for KPMG's UK member firm and for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMA Region). He joined the firm in 1987, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1990 and was made a Partner in 1998. Tony spent a year on secondment to KPMG in Kuwait in the 1990s and has subsequently held a number of senior leadership roles in the UK firm as well as serving a wide range of clients from owner-managed businesses through to FTSE 100 clients across a number of sectors.

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Jim Liddy

Jim Liddy, Head of Audit, KPMG in the US

Jim Liddy is Vice-Chair of Audit in the US. He is responsible for creating and executing the strategic vision for the US Audit practice, and leads a team of over 800 Audit partners and more than 7,000 Audit professionals. In addition, Jim serves as the Regional Head of Audit, Americas and Chair of the Americas Audit Steering Committee. Jim has spent more than 30 years serving KPMG clients and has held various leadership roles throughout his career. Prior to his current role, Jim served as the National Managing Partner, Audit for KPMG and the National Line of Business Leader for KPMG's Financial Services practice.

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Rod Devlin

Rod Devlin, EMA Head of Quality & Risk Management, Global Audit Quality & Risk Management Partner, KPMG International

Rod is the Global Audit Quality & Risk Management Partner for KPMG and also the Head of Quality & Risk Management for the EMA Region. He joined KPMG in 1980 and spent over 25 years serving international audit clients from the Paris office, principally in the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals sectors. Rod was appointed Head of KPMG's International Standards Group in 2006; for KPMG International he currently chairs both the Global Audit Quality Issues Council and the International Standards on Auditing Panel.

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Ingmar Rega

Ingmar Rega, Head of Audit, KPMG in Germany

Ingmar is the Head of Audit in Germany. He joined KPMG in 1995 and was elected to the KPMG partnership in 2002. Until September 2010, he was leading the National Private Equity Audit Team. In this role he advised and audited private equity funds and their portfolio. He was additionally leading the Global Assurance Initiative within Audit Germany before becoming Head of Audit in 2011.

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Duncan McLennan

Duncan McLennan, Head of Audit Australia and Asia Pacific Region, KPMG in Australia

Duncan is the National Managing Partner of Audit in Australia and Head of Audit for Asia Pacific Region. Prior to this appointment, he was Partner-in-Charge of Sydney Corporate Audit. He has over 26 years experience with KPMG, including 15 years as a Partner. Duncan has extensive experience with an understanding of clients in the consumer markets, industrial markets and transport sectors.

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Benny Liu

Benny Liu, Head of Audit China and Hong Kong, KPMG in China

Benny is the Lead Audit Partner for China and Hong Kong. He joined KPMG in Hong Kong in 1991 and was elected to partnership in 1998. Benny has extensive experience auditing private entities and enterprises. His portfolio of clients include a broad range of business sectors from the power supply, financial services, hi-tech, consumer products and real estate industries. He has also assisted a number of Chinese enterprises in obtaining listings in domestic and overseas markets.

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Hideki Amano

Hideki Amano, Head of Audit, KPMG in Japan

Hideki is Head of Audit and Deputy Managing Partner at KPMG AZSA LLC, Japan. He is also a member of the Global Audit Steering Group, the Global IFRS Advisory Services Group and has extensive experience working with multinational Japanese companies.

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Charles Krieck

Charles Krieck, Head of Audit, KPMG in Brazil

Charles is Head Audit Partner for KPMG in Brazil and the South American Region. He joined KPMG in 1986 and has spent part of his career at KPMG in Germany's Cologne office, providing audit services to international groups. In 1998, he was invited to develop and coordinate the Systems Audit department – Information Risk Management (IRM) at KPMG Brazil, before returning to the Audit department in 2004. Charles is also responsible for Brazil's Industrial Markets department and Automotive.

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Marc Hogeboom

Marc Hogeboom, Head of Audit, KPMG in the Netherlands

Marc is Head of Audit for KPMG in the Netherlands and is also a member of their Board of Management. In 2001, Marc was made a Partner and has previously held positions including Chairman of the Omega Supervisory Board, Head of Financial Services Audit and COO Financial Services Audit.

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Joachim Schindler

Joachim Schindler, Former Global Head of Audit, KPMG in Germany

Joachim joined KPMG in 1989 and has served in a number of key leadership positions, including Head of Audit for the EMA Region from 2005 to 2010 and Global Head of Audit from 2010 to 2013. Joachim has published several articles, mainly in accounting and auditing professional journals. In addition to the German professional audit qualification, he is a UK Chartered Accountant having spent three years in London from 1992 to 1995.

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Sai Choy Tham

Sai Choy Tham, Chairman, KPMG in Asia Pacific, Managing Partner, KPMG in Singapore

Sai Choy joined KPMG in 1984. He is the Regional Chairman-elect of KPMG in Asia Pacific, the Managing Partner of KPMG in Singapore, and a member of KPMG's Global Board. He sits on KPMG's steering committee that responds to current audit reform measures being developed in Europe. Past leadership appointments include the head of audit role for KPMG Asia Pacific Region and the head of corporate finance role in Singapore.

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John Gordon

John Gordon, Head of Audit, KPMG in Canada

John is the Managing Partner of Audit in Canada, having been elected to KPMG's partnership in 1993. He is also a member of the firm's Management and National Markets Committees and was formerly Calgary's Office Managing Partner. With more than 30 years of experience, John provides assurance and advisory services to a broad spectrum of companies. More specifically, he works with clients on IPOs, accounting for mergers and acquisitions, changes in accounting standards and other complex accounting matters. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer for a number of institutions and associations.

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