D&A in our DNA

D&A in our DNA 

At KPMG, we have been analyzing data for many years.

Whether we are analyzing financial reports to deliver trusted audits, crunching data in a forensic investigation or summarizing tax obligations, KPMG's network of professionals have honed their D&A capabilities over decades of providing tax, audit and advisory services.

Buiding on our D&A legacy

KPMG people understand how to cut through complexity to turn data into revenue. In fact, KPMG's professionals include sophisticated data scientists who know how to find the story buried in your data and communicate it in a meaningful way.

Continuous monitoring for telecoms clients

Our global network of telecommunications specialists has leveraged its strong telecom industry knowledge to develop a continuous monitoring solution called K-Proctor.

K-Proctor provides a simplified and highly scalable approach to:

  • collate information from disparate data sources
  • distill and analyze data
  • provide intelligent information
  • drill down to the root cause of any issues identified.

Through K-Proctor, clients are equipped with near real time KPI information, proactive analytics of emerging trends, as well as patterns and indicators to decide, implement and monitor key issues at hand.

Astrus helps organizations leverage data from numerous global sources to perform comprehensive and cost-effective integrity due diligence on their global third-party relationships. In addition, Astrus provides timely insight to critical information about agents, business partners and clients to arm organizations with the ability to make better and more informed business decisions.

– Mike Nolan
Global Head of Risk Consulting

Identifying risk with Astrus

Astrus, a web-enabled integrity due diligence solution offered by KPMG member firms around the globe provides organizations with a strategic, cost-effective, and time-efficient approach to gathering information and assessing risk associated with customers, suppliers, agents and other third parties.

Analysis of nearly 8,000 integrity due diligence reports covering 172 countries provides clients with valuable insights of third-party risk through a series of Astrus Insights publications.

Innovating at KPMG

KPMG's global network does not just want to stay at the forefront of data and analytics, we want to help pioneer it. KPMG people are always looking for opportunities to help clients turn their data into business insight.

  • KPMG Capital

    KPMG is committed to innovation in the D&A space. That is why we created KPMG Capital.

    With a sharp focus on investments in the field of D&A, KPMG Capital will bring together new approaches, innovative technologies and top talent from across the sector to address clients' biggest business issues. KPMG Capital's funds will be invested in solutions that help companies grow their revenue, minimize their risk, optimize their cost structure and turn their data into sustainable value.

    Working with a range of partners in the data and analytics space, KPMG Capital will identify, acquire and incubate new technologies and processes in D&A, which can then be commercialized for key business sectors.

    Find out how we are driving innovation in data and analytics through our investment fund, KPMG Capital.

    Watch video: Mark Toon, Go Beyond the Data: Introducing KPMG Capital

  • MOBI

    Acquired in 2012 by KPMG in the US, the mass opinion business intelligence (MOBI) platform analyzes internal and external data about specific industry trends, product issues or brands. This tool has enabled our member firms' clients to improve strategy and decision-making. And, as the organization continues to grow the platform's capabilities and applicability across industry sectors, MOBI-based applications will start to play a greater role in the decision-making process of many organizations.

    "MOBI brings together massive capabilities in analyzing big data – from sources like social media, market trends and unstructured sensor data – to create unparalleled insights into issues of vital interest to today's organizations. The acquisition also demonstrates KPMG's ability to identify smart technologies that can create new value for a wider set of organizations." Jeanne Johnson, Principal, KPMG in the US.

  • App factory

    For some time, KPMG member firms have designed applications and user interfaces to help clients see organizational data in new ways.

    KPMG in the Netherlands, for example, is working with clients to create executive dashboards that integrate all key metrics into one simple interface. These are the kinds of solutions that clients need to manage their businesses better.

    Watch Video: Peter Paul Brouwers: Go beyond the data: bring data into the boardroom

    Peter Paul Browers, Partner, KPMG in the Netherlands, explains how leading organizations are using innovative dashboards and apps to roll-up their data into a single holistic view so that executives can quickly and confidently make smart decisions.

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