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Industry perspectives: Power and Utilities 

Smart grid leads to smarter analytics

The power and utilities sector will see tremendous D&A advantages in both generation and distribution. D&A has the potential to dramatically change the way power and utility organizations operate, bill and interact with customers.

– Todd Durocher
Managing Director, Power & Utilities Sector, KPMG in the US

As utilities pursue smart-grid and smart-meter initiatives, they are collecting vastly more data about customers’ energy consumption than in the past. Utilities are using this data to prevent blackouts, while improving their relationship with customers by offering new rate plans or proactively monitoring for spikes in usage.

A key D&A imperative for the power and utilities industry is to ensure reliability of the grid, especially amid storms and other disasters. To prevent the loss of power, companies need to effectively monitor the grid, understand data from different sources and differentiate meaningful data points from false alarms. 

 With smart-grid technology, utilities have the potential to fully harness the value of their data and use it to drive their business. For example, there’s an opportunity to integrate real-time data from such areas as operations, billing and customer usage to enable better decisions. But with antiquated systems, many utilities are also concerned about hardware requirements.

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