Designing a better report 

One of the distinguishing features of integrated reporting is that every report must be built around the unique business model of the preparer. Those looking to the IR Framework for a checklist of report disclosures will be disappointed.

We believe this approach is the best way to ensure that reporting stays concise and focused on the issues that matter to the business. Typically, we would expect reports built on a thread of five or six key issues that management is focused on - the same issues that should be driving investors' decision-making.

Integrated report

What does an integrated report look like? (PDF 1.1 MB)

In this article we provide guidance and illustrations for each of the content elements in an integrated report. Challenges are provided to help you assess your own reporting against integrated report principles.
Developing anuual report

Developing your annual report (PDF 915 KB)

Shareholders are increasingly looking to narrative reporting as a means to go beyond the 'business as usual' perspective of current corporate reporting. We highlight three ways to refocus your reporting.
Enhancing Financial Reporting

Enhancing financial reporting

Paper by KPMG in Australia, focusing on the immediate steps organizations can take to enhance the more strategic and forward looking aspects of financial statements to better inform investors.
Business reporting

Journey to better business reporting

An exploration of how Australian organizations are improving reporting on strategy, performance and prospects so they can meet the challenge of a capital constrained envintegrated reportonment.
Questions answered

Common questions answered (PDF 931 KB)

Addressing some of the most common questions on integrated reporting.

Sector specific articles

integrated report principles

Applying integrated reporting principles in the public sector (PDF 497 KB)

We explain how integrated reporting can help to balance reporting of the often conflicting objectives set for public sector organizations.
Real Estate reporting

Real-estate: Are you providing a complete picture of business value? (PDF 530 KB)

By looking beyond net asset value, real estate businesses may be able to provide a more complete picture of value in the business. We provide four suggestions for better business reporting in the real estate sector.
Aligning bank reporting with shareholder value

Aligning bank reporting with shareholder value (PDF 1.2 MB)

Three suggestions to help transform bank's financial reporting from table of data into documents that better support analysis of shareholder value.

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