Better business reporting 

The ‘business as usual’ perspective provided by financial reporting is unlikely to communicate the full story behind your business on its own. Investors need more in order to understand the complete picture of your business value.

A successful business year may involve new customer wins, new product applications, and manufacturing capabilities – but these achievements are often not visible in traditional reporting. These insights are needed to tell your company’s story more effectively.

Some companies are taking the initiative to fill the reporting gap through their narrative reporting. Integrated Reporting is one solution that could help to communicate your business story more effectively.

This site explores the growing interest in better reporting, including the Integrated Reporting Framework. We explain what it means in practice and discuss ways in which organizations can develop their reporting to support a more effective dialogue with their investors.

Better reporting

Better reporting from a governance and sustainability perspective.

Integrated Reporting Framework launched

The IIRC launched its Integrated Reporting Framework on 9 December 2013. Whilst not mandatory in most countries, the Framework has been attracting interest from regulators and could represent the future direction for narrative reporting. The Framework offers a broader perspective on reporting shareholder value creation and should be of particular interest to companies wanting to shift their reporting dialogue beyond the discussion of short term earnings.

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The KPMG Survey of Business Reporting

KPMG Survey of Business Reporting
KPMG Survey of Business Reporting examines company reports and asks if the historical focus of annual reports is driving short term decision making.