Research topics 

Following are research topics currently under consideration. Additionally, the GVI is interested in receiving research proposals on specific sectors and industries. We also welcome proposals related to the application of existing theoretical research in valuation (empirical studies).

Valuations for regulatory purposes (e.g., financial reporting, tax)


  • Valuation issues under IFRS – a survey approach
  • Cultural, sector, and regional factors in impairments
  • Valuation of intellectual property
  • Use of real options in financial reporting
  • Purchase price allocation valuations – drawing lessons from past acquisitions
  • The impact of tax rates on value
  • The impact of country tax regulations on the value and location of intangible assets


Strategic valuations


  • Does M&A create long-term shareholder value? – empirical study
  • Corporate valuations in restructuring settings
  • Joint ventures in emerging markets
  • Approaches to valuing intellectual property in disputes


Corporate finance theory


  • Revisiting cost of capital and asset pricing models in an environment with imperfect rationality
  • Convergence: assessing different valuation models
  • Effective stress tests and scenario analysis in valuation
  • Equity risk premium
  • Reconciliation of international multiples
  • Measures of discounts for lack of liquidity and marketability


Behavioral finance


  • Assessing the quality of forecasting by management and financial analysts in rapidly changing economic environments
  • Understanding fair value during liquidity and credit crises
  • Corporate valuations in an asset price bubble environment
  • Convergence between fundamental and long-term technical analysis


Corporate governance and communication


  • Appropriate levels of disclosure in valuation reports
  • Role of independent valuations in corporate governance and investor trust


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