KPMG's EU Tax Centre 

KPMG member firms have set up an EU Tax Centre to help you understand the implications of EU tax law and how it can help your business.
EU Direct tax practice

Why is EU law relevant?


EU law is changing the face of taxation in the European Union. Although direct tax has not been harmonized within the European Union, EU law lays down certain principles that domestic tax rules have to comply with. Where they conflict, EU law overrides domestic law. It is clear that EU law is becoming increasingly relevant to all businesses that operate cross-border within the EU.

Robert van der Jagt

Robert van der Jagt

Partner, Chairman of KPMG's EU Tax Centre

+31 20 656 1356


KPMG's EU Tax Centre compiles this regular update of EU tax developments which can have both a domestic and a cross-border impact.

Euro Tax Flash

KPMG’s EU Tax Centre publishes a news bulletin that analyses CJEU decisions and comments on the impact of such decisions in EU Member States.

EU country profiles

KPMG's European Tax Centre publishes a yearly profile on tax systems of most European countries, useful for understanding of local direct tax rules.

KPMG’s EU Tax Centre


It can be hard to keep up to date with the pace of developments and understand the impact that new EU legislation or court decisions may have on your business. KPMG’s EU Tax Centre and our network of specialists are dedicated to following and analyzing these developments and turning them into value for clients.


At the core is KPMG's EU Tax Centre, a centre of excellence based in Amsterdam, which works closely with a network of more than 100 KPMG professionals in member firms in each of the 28 Member States, the European Economic Area States and Switzerland.


How can KPMG help you?


Our member firms can assist you in many ways, for example:


  • Update you on EU tax developments via Euro Tax Flash
  • Carry out a pan-European review to identify where you have been adversely affected by non-EU compliant rules
  • Make claims and pursue litigation via domestic courts and the CJEU to enable you to recover unlawfully charged tax
  • Advise on how cases, directives and CCCTB will affect you
  • Help you handle a challenge under State Aid rules

The KPMG Guide to CCCTB

The Guide discusses how, despite the political and technical obstacles, CCCTB is a serious proposal, and it deserves to be treated as such.

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EU Tax Centre contacts

If you wish to contact a KPMG EU Tax representative, please e-mail KPMG's European Tax Centre mailbox :

Did you know that?

  • 26 direct tax cases were decided by the CJEU in 2012
  • The European Commission regularly reviews Member States’ direct tax rules and initiates action in cases of non-compliance with EU law. More than 20 infringement procedures were announced or taken further in 2012
  • The Financial Transaction Tax will be introduced by at least 11 Member States through enhanced cooperation
  • The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) may be introduced and could affect your company
  • EU State Aid rules could force you to repay tax incentives which are found to be unlawful
  • It is estimated that KPMG firms’ investment fund clients alone stand to recover around EUR 2.7 billion of tax through EU claims and as a direct result of CJEU decisions or action taken by the Commission, many EU Member States have amended their legislation on pension and investment funds
  • An EU claim can be made by a non-EU resident