What it can do 

KPMG LINK 360 is a secure web-based application that can help you control your tax and compliance position. Below are some examples of its capabilities:

Shared work plans

KPMG LINK 360 allows you to document and implement a consistent framework to help you control compliance processes and manage risk across your group.


The Status Monitor gives an overview of process progress, and gives you the ability to drill down for more detail.


Each process can be defined by milestones, which are flexible according to need. Each milestone is allocated to an individual with a due date, giving clarity over who does what and when.

status monitor

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Tax data tracking

The data collected by KPMG LINK 360 can be configured according to individual requirements. Data can be collected using custom web screens or through bulk upload.


risk questionaire

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File sharing

The File Manager gathers document files in a single location, allowing you to share information amongst team members and facilitating communication across multiple locations.


Documents are automatically tagged, indexed and version-controlled, helping users find the right content.

File room

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Management reports

The data collected by KPMG LINK 360 can be extended and configured according to individual requirements. Management reports can be customised to meet the needs of different users.


entity report


global engagement summary

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Role-based security

Users are assigned security rights based on their responsibilities; all access to KPMG LINK 360 data is limited by those rights.

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Chirs Scott

Chris Scott

Head of Global Compliance Management Services

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