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KPMG member firms have established a network of tax professionals to provide global-standard services to energy & natural resources tax directors. We help organizations deal with industry trends, business issues and compliance requirements.


Taxes and incentives

Taxes and Incentives for renewable energy

Taxes and incentives for renewable energy KPMG Global Energy & Natural Resources.
Good, Better, Best: – Energy and Natural Resources report (PDF 374 KB)

Good, Better, Best: – Energy and Natural Resources report (PDF 374 KB)

The following industry report gives you industry-specific tax management insights from the Good, Better, Best survey.
Commodity trading companies

Commodity trading companies - Meeting the challenge of tax and regulatory change

This report aims at helping ENR companies understand the substantial benefits and risk management issues involved in these complex operations.

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André Boekhoudt

André Boekhoudt

KPMG’s Head of Global Energy and Natural Resources Tax Practice and Global Oil & Gas Tax Leader

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Our services
ENR Tax offers a wide range of tax services to clients in the energy & natural resources industry.