Tax in the Digital Domain – Getting it Right 

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Are traditional international tax policies up to the challenge of ensuring digital businesses pay appropriate amounts of tax?

Is there room for improvement on existing policies?

What are the alternatives, and by what criteria should they be judged and agreed upon?

Digital tax debate

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What do you think?

All rational voices are important. Effective, widely-accepted actions are only successful through broad consultation with all stakeholders: from tax professionals in businesses and governments, to other regulators, tax authorities, the general public and more.

Now is the time to set aside emotions. Tax professionals from across KPMG’s global network of member firms invite and welcome any interested party to have rational, informed conversations and debates that address the questions and accordingly, the future possibilities and/or opportunities.

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Attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just locally but globally.

VAT place of supply rules change significantly from 2015

From 1 January 2015, the VAT place of supply rules are changing and the European Commission will implement a Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) scheme