Well done! KPMG Indirect Tax leaders recognized by ITR 

International Tax Review (ITR) has released the second edition of their Indirect Tax Leaders guide recognizing a tremendous 50 KPMG Indirect Tax professionals as some of the best worldwide.

Those featured were selected based on a minimum number of nominations received, as well as on their outstanding work from the past year and consistently positive feedback from their peers and clients.

You can view the full guide on the ITR website (PDF 4.08 MB).

Our congratulations go out to the following people for the incredible work they do to deliver quality service to our clients every day:

Name Country
Dermot Gaffney KPMG in Australia
Deborah Jenkins KPMG in Australia
Peter Ackerman KPMG in Belgium
Jeroen Gobbin KPMG in Belgium
Lucio Bastos KPMG in Brazil
Murilo Mello KPMG in Brazil
John Bain KPMG in Canada
David Schlesinger KPMG in Canada
Lachlan Wolfers KPMG in China
Jean Li KPMG in China
Peter Lunau Larsen KPMG in Denmark
Peter K Svendsen KPMG in Denmark
Juha Saaskilahti KPMG in Finland
Jean-Paul Ouaksel KPMG in France
Karsten Schuck KPMG in Germany
Claudia Hillek KPMG in Germany
Gregor Dzieyk KPMG in Germany
Sachin Menon KPMG in India
Pratik Jain KPMG in India
Santosh Dalvi KPMG in India
Niall Campbell KPMG in Ireland
Terry O’Neil KPMG in Ireland
Eugenio Graziani KPMG in Italy
Masaharu Umetsuji KPMG in Japan
Dong Suk Kang KPMG in South Korea
Cesar Catalan KPMG in Mexico
Gert-Jan van Norden KPMG in the Netherlands
Leo Mobach KPMG in the Netherlands
Peter Scott KPMG in New Zealand
Oddgeir Kjørsvik KPMG in Norway
Per Ivar Skinstad KPMG in Norway
Roberto Tan KPMG in the Philippines
Tomasz Grunwald KPMG in Poland
Alexandra Martins KPMG in Portugal
Ramona Jurubita KPMG in Romania
Kok Shang Lam KPMG in Singapore
Gan Hwee Leng KPMG in Singapore
Johann Heydenrych KPMG in South Africa
Andre Meyburgh KPMG in South Africa
Celso Garcia Grande KPMG in Spain
Natalia Pastor KPMG in Spain
Susann Lundstrom KPMG in Sweden
Joachim Broberg KPMG in Sweden
Patrick Conrady KPMG in Switzerland
Andreas Russi KPMG in Switzerland
Gary Harley KPMG in the UK
Amanda Tickel KPMG in the UK
Richard Iferenta KPMG in the UK
Loren Chumley KPMG in the US
Frank Sangster KPMG in the US

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