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Aura Giurcăneanu

Relationships and third-party perceptions  

The main focus is on improving the understanding of clients and investors, but there was also agreement that the profession should do more to contribute to the transparency of public interest clients.
  • Q. Has the quality of audit improved since the 2007 financial crisis? If so, have stronger regulatory oversight and standards driven the improvement, or has the profession done so?Close Open
  • Q. Do auditors have the capability to give anything more than a binary pass or fail audit opinion? Is the profession sufficiently sophisticated to deliver a more narrative-based approach?Close Open
  • Q. Does the common compliance-based training that auditors around the world receive encourage them to take a ‘tick-the-box’ approach, rather than the more inquisitorial approach that is required?Close Open
  • Q. What meaningful improvements or innovations in the audit has the profession made recently? What is the most meaningful improvement or innovation?Close Open
  • Q. Is there merit in extending the audit beyond the financial statements or even the annual report? If so, what would you suggest? Who wants this? Who will pay for it? Close Open

Aura is the Head of Audit & Assurance for KPMG in Romania. During almost two decades with KPMG, she has worked with the UK firm in the IFRS group, and the French KPMG member firm. Aura has been involved in a large number of engagements related to EU audit funds and has significant experience in other sectors including energy, automotive, and consumer goods. In addition to her role leading Audit for KPMG in Romania, Aura coordinates the IFRS practice.

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