Value of Audit

The Singapore discussion was the third in a global series of roundtables.

The pressing issues facing the audit model and profession are explored in the Value of Audit: shaping the future of corporate reporting, a series of candid, personal interviews with KPMG audit leaders from around the world. We are now taking our opinions forward through a global series of roundtable discussions with investors, regulators, and audit committee members.

The Value of Audit roundtables, hosted by economia, move to Toronto 02 October 2014. Hear what audit leaders in Johannesburg and London have to say about Value of Audit and stay tuned for more videos and commentary in the coming days from the discussion held in Singapore on 09 September. Follow the global series@economiamag or @KPMG #valueofaudit and stay with KPMG as we take this important conversation across the globe.

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    Johannesburg roundtable

    In the second of a global series of roundtables Johannesburg participants share their views on the value of audit.

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    Integrated Reporting

    Participants comment on the role of integrated reporting in South Africa.

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    London roundtable

    In the first of a global series of roundtables London participants share their views of the day.

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    Melanie McLaren

    Melanie McLaren, FRC, on audit quality.

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    Peter Montagnon

    Peter Montagnon, Institute of Business Ethics, on auditor liability.

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    Alan Ferguson

    Alan Ferguson, Audit Committee Chair, on the changing role of the audit committee chair.

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    Robert Hodgkinson

    Robert Hodgkinson, ICAEW, on innovation and change in the audit.

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    KPMG's global and country audit leaders discuss how audits might change to better serve investors and stakeholders.

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    KPMG's global and country audit leaders share their views on how the profession might restore trust in the audit report.

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    KPMG's global and country audit leaders address misperceptions of the audit.

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    Larry Bradley

    KPMG's Global Head of Audit reflects on the role of audit in a post global financial crisis world.

Inside the Johannesburg Roundtable

The interviews

Read candid and sometimes surprising views of KPMG's audit leaders on the value of an audit – its strengths, weaknesses, and the changes that must take place to meet the needs of the Capital Markets. Download: The Value of Audit: shaping the future of corporate reporting

The views and opinions expressed herein are the personal opinions of the interviewees and authors based on their personal experience working as Auditors in the industry and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of KPMG International or any KPMG member firm.