Accounting Research Online 

KPMG's Accounting Research Online is a library of accounting, auditing and financial reporting guidance and literature.


Mark Domaille

Mark Domaille

Head of ARO Services

+1 201 307 7000

The web-based library includes access to financial reporting and auditing literature as well as KPMG guidance, with a primary focus on U.S. GAAP and International Accounting Standards related literature.


KPMG's Accounting Research Online provides subscriber access to regulatory pronouncements and KPMG guidance as it is released. KPMG Guidance features the 2007/2008 edition of “Insights into IFRS: Practical Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards” which emphasizes the application of International Financial Reporting Standards in practice and explains the conclusions that KPMG has reached on many interpretative issues. The guide includes many illustrative examples to elaborate or clarify the practical application of the standards. KPMG Guidance on application of U.S. generally accepted accounting principles is highlighted in the “KPMG Accounting and Reporting Guide ― U.S.”.