Procurement Advisory 

KPMG’s procurement advisory professionals work with our member firms’ clients to help them improve their business performance and achieve bottom-line savings. By delivering these tangible business results, we believe “procurement excellence” can drive not only cost savings that can be seen in the P&L, but improve business value, mitigate risks and create transparency in supply management.

Implementing the Future of Procurement

With the recent acquisition of BrainNet Supply Management Group AG, KPMG International has expanded its global footprint to become one of the world's leading suppliers of consultancy services in strategic sourcing, procurement and supply chain management.

Our powerful combination of financial rigor, deep analytical capabilities, and extensive subject matter expertise cuts across industries and geographies to support clients in full-scale procurement transformations as well as targeted improvements in the following key areas:
Category opportunity identification Commissioning/complex sourcing Low cost country sourcing
Master data management Organizational effectiveness Process optimization
Procurement academies Procurement maturity assessment Spend analytics and transparency
Supplier relationship management Supplier risk management Strategic sourcing
Sustainable procurement Tax-efficient
Technology enablement

How do you measure up?

Want to find out how your organization’s procurement function compares to others? Contact to find out how our Procurement Maturity Assessment can provide you with real insight into your procurement organization’s maturity level – and how you can drive even more value to the business.

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