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Faced with falling revenues and more competitive macroeconomic environment, governments are seeking ways to manage their finances and interests of its citizens. In all corners of the globe, new taxes combined with changes to export controls, license applications and other legislative hurdles are eroding mining company profits and making it more difficult to predict production schedules, manage risk and make effective decisions. KPMG’s thought leadership provides mining sector participants with insight into these business challenges and issues, enabling them to make better decisions faster. KPMG assists clients to meet their regulatory obligations, while managing their internal and external risk profile.


Statutory audit Enterprise risk management Internal assurance Tax compliance

Statutory audit: Managing your legislative obligations while maximizing shareholder value

Enterprise risk management: Transforming business risk to optimize business processes and opportunities

Internal assurance: Implement a sound integrated assurance policy

Tax compliance: Readiness for tax audits and other enquiries from Revenue Authorities and ongoing management of tax risks

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