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KPMG professionals work with a wide range of organizations – such as the American Public Human Services Association, Institute of Public Administration of Canada, and Human Services IT Advisory Group – to share their insight and advance the body of knowledge on human and social services.

National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA)

Medicaid Enterprises Systems Conference

Paul and David will be attending the NSCEA conference in Portland, Oregon August 11th -13th. It is a KPMG sponsored annual conference where professionals around the world gather, network, attend workshops, and gain knowledge about the programs that involve child support services.

Medicaid Enterprises Systems Conference (MESC)

Medicaid Enterprises Systems Conference

The annual MES conference is being held August 18th - 21st in Denver, Colorado. Paul is one of the KPMG guest speakers scheduled to discuss “Harness the Power of Data” 9:30 am MT on Tuesday, August 19th at this KPMG sponsored event. The session will focus on how data and analytics can be used on a state level to help with transformation efforts. It will also include a discussion of leading practices of states that have used their data and findings to build new insights and produce better results.

American Public Human Services Association National Policy Forum Conference (APHSA)

APHSA Conference

Paul and David will be attending the annual APHSA National Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. David will present during the “Big Ideas in Transformation: Past, Present, & Future” session and moderate the breakout session, “Sustained Well Being of Children and Youth – Child Care” on June 16th. Paul will discuss the global survey results and its implied impact on collective work going forward during the “Integration Imperative: Global Perspectives” session on June 18th”.

Government Financial Officers Associate of the Metro Area Conference (GFOA-WMA)

GFOA-WMA Conference

Paul is one of the guest speakers at the GFOA-WMA Quarterly Conference, which is being held on June 25th in Washington, D.C. His hour-long session will focus on the topic, “The Changing Landscape of Health and Human Services and the Impact on the Government”.

47th Annual IT Solutions Management for Human Services Conference (APHSA-ISM)

APHSA-ISM Conference

Paul and David will be attending the annual ISM Conference September 21-24th in Atlanta, GA.

22nd European Social Services Conference (ESN) 2014

ESN 2014

In 2012, 125 million people in the European Union were at risk of poverty or social exclusion1. For this reason, KPMG International is a sponsor of the 2014 ESN Conference which will be held from 7-9 July in Rome, Italy. As part of the event, David Hansell and Pier Luigi Verbo from KPMG Italy will deliver a workshop on The Integration Imperative thought leadership, a global survey to review active integration schemes across 22 jurisdictions.

KPMG US shares its big ideas for the City of New York

City of New York

On January 1, 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio was sworn in as the 109th Mayor of New York City. The KPMG City of New York team has taken this as an opportunity to gather some of the most powerful and creative ideas observed in the global marketplace and shared them with the City, welcoming further discussions and dialog with the new mayor.

US Government Accountability Office Survey

US Government Accountability Office Survey

David Hansell was surveyed for the February 2013 issued report, “Sustained and Coordinated Efforts Could Facilitate Data Sharing While Protecting Privacy” by the US Government Accountability Office.


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