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Our Defense practitioners work hand-in-hand with a network of member firms to develop valuable client solutions and trusted advice. Every day, over 145,000 professionals collaborate across KPMG’s global network in 152 countries worldwide to create tailored and holistic services to suit the unique needs of Defense clients in key areas.
Focus area

Equipment Acquisition and Procurement:

KPMG firms work with procurement leaders to navigate through the often inevitable trade-offs between budget, schedule and the final capability being delivered.

Information Technology:

KPMG’s Defense professionals have the relevant experience and insight to turn diverse IT strategies into value enablers.

Supply Chain/Logistics:

KPMG professionals understand the balance between efficiency and effectiveness in defense and work closely with clients to deliver robust yet cost-effective logistics systems and processes.

Human Resources/Recruiting/Training:

KPMG’s Defense specialists combine deep insight in shared service and capability development to create solutions that can streamline and improve HR functions, efficient organizational structures and effective management of the human dimension of change.

People and Change:

KPMG firms provide change management, organizational design for performance, and human resource optimization services to support change initiatives and help gain maximum benefit from the conscious design and implementation of organizational structure, processes and capabilities to help achieve and sustain strategy and vision.

Property/Estate Management:

Whether dealing with residential-style accommodation or complex specialist maintenance and equipment support facilities, KPMG professionals can help clients manage intricate and diverse property and estate requirements.

Finance and Budget:

KPMG professionals can help clients ensure finance and budget requirements are aligned and met, and also help them manage complex project budget and finance management challenges associated with major infrastructure and equipment acquisition projects.

Intelligence and Security:

Defense professionals at KPMG help clients to perform highly specialized functions and liaise with multiple government agencies and departments within this complex domain.

Medical and Health Services:

From the operation of frontline medical and health facilities and major hospitals through to rehabilitation and veterans services, KPMG’s defense network helps clients to deliver and develop these specialist capabilities by leveraging an array of diverse operating models.


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Ken Drover

Ken Drover

Global Head, Defense Center of Excellence

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