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Building the 21st century: Chemicals and the construction industry

  • May 6, 2015

Specialty chemicals have helped shape today’s global construction industry, introducing new levels of structural strength, protection and energy efficiency to homes, commercial buildings and public infrastructure around the world.


A changing industry for India’s chemical companies

  • February 11, 2015

As one of the emerging ‘tiger economies’, of Asia, India has long enjoyed rapid growth. However, the global downturn left its mark on India’s economic progress and the past several years have seen increased dissatisfaction within the country due to complex bureaucracy, inconsistent tax laws, infrastructure problems and other factors that impede job creation and economic growth.


共享服务与外包 | Shared service and outsourcing in energy sector (in Mandarin)

  • 2014年9月23日



Portfolio Rationalization Accelerates in 2014

  • May 8, 2014

This webcast reviews portfolio rationalization in 2014, examining these strategies that many chemical companies are using to divest their commodity-based assets and shift toward higher-margin specialties.


Risk management at energy and natural resources companies: Building a risk-aware culture

  • April 22, 2014

Energy and natural resources (ENR) companies are challenged by an ever-growing array of threats and opportunities that grow more complex every day.


Shale Development – Global Update: Focus on US, Australia, China and Indonesia

  • February 19, 2014

Shale is fast transforming itself from "tomorrow’s big thing" to become an essential part of the global energy sector.


Transforming Finance into a real driver for business  

  • December 3, 2013

Our latest Global Chief Financial Officer (CFO) survey found that finance organizations of the future, and indeed of today, must become “intelligent finance” functions that business units can depend on when making operational, tactical and strategic business decisions.


Global Business Services – Revealed and De-Hyped  

  • November 26, 2013

KPMG and HfS have spoken to a number of major energy companies throughout September, including more than one hundred executives in leadership roles, to get the insight on their operations and how they intend to approach the tenets of GBS to achieve their business objectives and return on investment.


Tax opportunities arising from the shale gas revolution

  • October 22, 2013

The speakers in this webcast discuss how shale gas will impact the chemicals sector and what companies operating in the sector need to consider when taking advantage of the tax related opportunities.


Managing third party risk in the global chemicals market

  • September 25, 2013

The webcast looks at three potential growth areas for tank storage that have been growing trade imbalances; ongoing growth and specialization of the chemicals industry in China and the increased risk perception driven by ongoing further regulation. 


Adapting to shifts in the chemicals sector

  • September 19, 2013

Based on discussions with senior industry executives around the world and KPMG project experience, this session provides insight into the trends driving the industry as well as a view on current risks and opportunities.


Strategic realignment in the global chemical industry

  • August 8, 2013

This webcast examines the strategic realignment in the global chemical industry amid the shale gas boom in the USA.


Trade and Customs: A hidden source of value

  • 25 June 2013

This webcast explores trade and customs policies and how an organization can optimize its processes to drive greater business value in a challenging economic environment.


Renew, Renegotiate or Rebid: The Financial Considerations

  • 12 February 2013

This webcast discusses some of the most pertinent and pressing financial considerations as you near the end of an existing agreement and provide insights beyond “What should my price be?” or “Am I getting a good deal?”


Webcast: Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World

  • 15 January 2013

In this session, senior KPMG HR leaders examine the nature of the challenges facing the HR function and its future direction. We highlight how the report's main findings have shaped our thinking and approach to transforming your business.


Taxation in China - A Look Back at 2012 Developments, With Change Comes Challenges

  • 15 January 2013

In this one-hour webcast, professionals from KPMG International member firms in China and the United States take another look at several major 2012 tax developments through case studies.


Taxation in China - Tax Incentives

  • 30 November 2012

This webcast focuses on: Tax incentives under the new Corporate Income Tax Law; Government subsidies and practical considerations; and, Preferential policies for Qianhai Cooperation Zone.


Current Issues and Trends in the Global Chemical Industry

  • 27 November 2012

Among many key issues and trends faced by the chemical companies today, this webcast focuses on regional industry dynamics and the challenges of running a global chemical business in today's uncertain world.


KPMG Major Projects Advisory Leadership Project Series

  • 11 October 2012

Discussion topics of this webcast include: Project organization and establishing a Program Management Office (PMO); Project controls and governance; Stakeholder management and communication.

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