At a time of almost unprecedented pressures on both investors and managers the necessity for accurate information and transparency is becoming greater.

These pressures may require the restoration of stakeholder confidence or, if necessary, the fund going into liquidation.

KPMG member firms are able to aid our clients in the best approach to stakeholders by providing the assistance of independent and experienced insolvency and restructuring professionals in a variety of roles inside or outside of liquidation.

KPMG firms can assist you by:

  • Identifying and rating critical issues
  • Identifying and developing appropriate responses to the issues of each stakeholder
  • Providing relevant and independent advice on the financial position of the fund
  • Working with the Investment Manager wherever possible
  • Only using the role of Liquidator if necessary or if it provides the best approach for stakeholders
  • Applying restructuring and insolvency experience to help make the most of asset realizations.