Mark Rochon, KPMG in Canada 

A true healthcare strategist with the will to make things happen, Mark has played an important part in advancing Ontario’s healthcare system.


Hello, my name’s Mark Rochon, and I’m a new member of KPMG’s healthcare Center of Excellence. I’m delighted to be part of this great company and I look forward to working with clients around the world and in Canada.

What I bring to the firm is a set of experiences. As the chief executive officer of a number of healthcare provider organizations, as well as senior leadership roles on the government regulatory side. As the chief executive officer of a hospital, I also led the merger of that organization from 3 founding parties and through that process developed one of the largest academic health science centers specializing in post acute care in the world.

Part of my role leading academic health science centers involved the merger and the implementation of a merger over a number of years that led to the development of an organization that focused in on post-acute care, and the services that patients require after those initial four or five days of care in an acute care facility.

On the government regulatory side, one of my roles was leading the health services restructuring commission in Ontario, Canada. In that role, we were provided with a mandate from the government to undertake a substantial review of hospital and healthcare services in Ontario; and we were also delegated the authority to implement significant change that led to the mergers of a number of organizations at the start of our enterprise.

We had 220 separate healthcare or hospitals in Ontario, and at the end, we were at 150 hospital organizations and we were also able to reduce the number of operating hospital sites by about 30, reducing excess capacity, focusing scarce capital investments in those hospitals that remained, and maintaining services to the people of Ontario.

One of the things that I think I can bring to the firm and bring to KPMG’s clients is the experience that will focus in on the value propositions as articulated in health system redesign and also in board grip.

Healthcare systems around the world are grappling with significant issues relating to quality from the perspective of patient safety, patient satisfaction, cost and so forth; as well as the sustainability question. You can look at sustainability from the perspective of government payers and insurers who both are struggling with the same issue—how can we make the healthcare dollar go farther to the benefit of patients?

At the heart of system-wide change

Mark Rochon is an inspiring leader with a proven record of success in transforming healthcare organizations. In a 25 year career he has led as the Chief Executive Officer, a number of complex change programs in a broad range of healthcare organizations while working within tight financial constraints. In addition to leading successful healthcare organizations he has been appointed by regulatory authorities to lead the turnaround of hospitals. He is now using this experience to help both public and private healthcare providers around the world to deliver better patient care.

As President and CEO, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Mark led the merger of three post-acute care organizations to establish the Institute as one of the world’s leading research and teaching organizations.

He has been at the center of efforts to improve Ontario’s overall healthcare system, leading the province-wide restructuring of hospital and related services as CEO of the Health Services Restructuring Commission. He also served as Assistant Deputy Minister, where he had responsibility for the Institutional Health Group, Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario during a period of considerable economic restraint. He has advised governments on funding reform and health system governance.

Mark’s most recent appointments include Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Hospital Association and Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Quality Ontario.

His publications include co-authoring Riding the Third Rail: the Story of Ontario’s Health Services Restructuring Commission and he has presented around the world on health system restructuring. Mark has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University and a Master of Health Sciences in Health Administration from the University of Toronto. He is a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.

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