Marc Scher, KPMG in the US 

An advisor to healthcare providers on strategy, risk, operations, finance and transformation, who has advised a wide range of healthcare providers on financing.


I’m Mark Scher, the Global Audit Sector Leader for healthcare for KPMG.

One of the most important skills that we have to have is listening. When I think about over time the areas we’ve had the most success with our clients is as we listen to what their issues are, and come up with solutions.

Most recently, one of the issues that many of our clients have grappled with is the concept of clinical governance and quality. There hasn’t been a national standard or a global standard set for those. Many clients have to grapple with reporting that information to various constituents and regulatory bodies, but they don’t have a baseline to try and figure out what’s the best way to do that. So we’ve been recently interviewing a number of organizations—and are in the process of putting out a white paper on some of the best practices in that area, and helping organizations how to be organized in this in the future.

So our game plan here, at the end of the day, is to roll out a global program that will assist healthcare organizations across the world come up with a standardized quality measure that will make them successful.

Dedicated to efficiency and governance

A highly respected auditor, Marc has played a central role in the growth of KPMG’s Global Healthcare practice.

With more than 29 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Marc is a leading authority on auditing, financial reporting and tax-efficient financing. He has worked with a wide range of major health systems, long-term care providers, hospitals, biotech companies, payers, purchasing cooperatives and research organizations.

He currently serves as the Partner in charge of KPMG’s US and Global Audit Healthcare practice and is Chairman of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Principles & Practices Board.

His client experience includes American Specialty Health, Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospitals and Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, ISTO Technologies, Davita Inc., Methodist Hospital of Southern California and the University of Missouri Health System.

As an influential member of the Healthcare practice, Marc is an SEC reviewing partner and a national instructor for KPMG healthcare professional development courses.

Marc regularly publishes articles and speaks on healthcare financial reporting, and is a past editor of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Audit and Accounting Guide for Health Care Organizations. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the states of California, Illinois, and New York.

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