Dr. Anna van Poucke, KPMG in the Netherlands 

Anna’s work in hospital restructuring and redesign has helped dramatically improve clinical and financial performance.

Inspiring positive organizational change

With extensive experience in transforming healthcare systems, Anna has been at the forefront of care integration, hospital restructuring and mergers, enabling the turnaround of several underperforming hospitals.

Having worked at a senior level in a range of hospitals and mental healthcare institutions, she has deep insights into organizational effectiveness. As CEO of the Dutch Diagnosis Related-Groups (DRGs) and pricing office, Anna has been a major force behind the adoption of DRG systems for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and mental health institutions and the introduction of a new national healthcare payment system.

Anna led the Netherlands’ largest ever healthcare redesign project, integrating five hospitals and local primary care practices to create an entirely new and more efficient healthcare infrastructure.

Specializing in the restructuring of financially distressed hospitals, she oversaw the acquisition and subsequent restructuring of an insolvent hospital by a cooperative of three other hospitals.

Anna joined KPMG in 2010 and holds a PhD in Economics from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, an MPhil in Economic Sciences from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and an MsC in Labor and organizational psychology from Tilburg University.

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