Global Healthcare contacts 

KPMG’s global healthcare contacts are based around the world.
Mark Britnell

Mark Britnell, Chairman, Global Health Practice

+44 20 7694 2014

 Global Healthcare contacts


Fernando Mascarenhas, Partner, KPMG in Angola

+244 227 280 102

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Mariano Sanchez, KPMG in Argentina

+5411 4316 5774

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Liz Forsyth, Partner, KPMG in Australia

+61 2 9335 8233

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Johann Essl, Partner, KPMG in Austria

+43 732 6938 2238

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Marcos A. Boscolo, Partner, KPMG in Brazil

+55 11 2183-3128

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Iva Todorova, Director, KPMG in Bulgaria

+35 95 269 9650

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Cong Ai Nguyen, Partner, KPMG in Cambodia

+84 83 821 9266

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Georgina Black, Partner, KPMG in Canada

+1 416 777 3032

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Central/Eastern Europe

Miroslaw Proppe, Partner, KPMG in Central/Eastern Europe

+48 604 496 390

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Norbert Meyring, Partner, KPMG in China

+862 2212 2707

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Czech Republic

Karla Vorackova, KPMG in Czech Republic


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Claus Hammer-Pedersen, Partner, KPMG in Denmark

+45 25 294 721

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Benoit Pericard, Partner, KPMG in France

+33 1 55 68 86 66

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Volker Penter, KPMG in Germany

+49 30 2068 4740

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Andrea Nestor, Director, KPMG in Hungary

+36 1 887 7479

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Amit Mookim, Partner, KPMG in India

+91 22 3090 2141

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Tohana Widjaja, Managing Partner, KPMG in Indonesia

+62 21 574 2333

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Alan Hughes, Director, KPMG in Ireland

+353 17004169

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Haggit Philo, KPMG in Israel

+972 3 684 8000

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Alberto De Negri, Partner, KPMG in Italy

+39 02 6764 3606

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Keiichi Ohwari, Partner, KPMG in Japan

+81 3 5218 6451

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Andy Kim, Partner, KPMG in Korea

+82 2 2112 7960

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Patrick Wies, Partner, KPMG in Luxembourg

+35 222 5151 6305

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Yeekeng Lee , Partner, KPMG in Malaysia

+60 3 7721 3388

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Andrés Aldama Zúñiga, Partner, KPMG in Mexico

+01 55 5246 8589

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Erik-Jan Vlieger, Partner, KPMG in Netherlands

+31 20 6564352

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New Zealand

Mike Bazett, Director, KPMG in New Zealand

+64 4 816 4801

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Bente Brandvik, KPMG in Norway

+47 406 39579

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Emmanuel P. Bonoan, Principal, KPMG in Philippines

+63 2 885 7000

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Fernando Faria, Partner, KPMG in Portugal


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Qatar and Bahrain

Tim Bentley, KPMG in Qatar and Bahrain

+974 44576444

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Maria Elisei, Director, KPMG in Romania

+40 37 237 7800

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Victoria Samsonova, Director, KPMG in Russia

+749 593 74444

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Saudi Arabia

Sashikanth Ramakrishnan, Partner, KPMG in Saudi Arabia

+966 1 874 8615

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Wah Yeow Tan, Partner, KPMG in Singapore

+65 641 18338

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South Africa

Sven Byl, Associate Director, KPMG in South Africa

+27 11 647 6713

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Candido Perez Serrano, Partner, KPMG in Spain

+34 914 513091

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Annacari Astner Wimmerstedt, Partner, KPMG in Sweden

+46 8 7236120

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Michael Herzog, Partner, KPMG in Switzerland

+41 44 249 31 53

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Eric K. J.Tsao, KPMG in Taiwan

+88 628 101 6666

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Alexandra Depoire, Partner, KPMG in Thailand

+66 267 721 33

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United Kingdom

Andrew Hine, Partner, KPMG in United Kingdom

+44 121 2323 744

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United States

Ed Giniat, Partner, KPMG in United States

+1 312 665 2073

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Vietnam and Cambodia

Cong Ai Nguyen, Partner, KPMG in Vietnam

+84 83 821 9266

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