We are delighted to inform you that the 5th KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain.

This annual conference is KPMG’s leading event for CEOs, divisional heads and financial executives in the power & utilities sector. It will bring together over 250 executives from across a broad spectrum of the industry worldwide, including power producers, developers, investors, regulators and other key industry stakeholders.


Information about the conference to be published soon!


In the meanwhile, in case you have any questions or queries regarding our previous events, please contact the organizing team at


For enquiries regarding the KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference please contact:


Peter Kiss


Michael Salcher

Head of Power & Utilities, EMEA, Head of Global Energy Institute, EMEA



Peter Kiss

Alberto Martin Rivals

Head of energy and Natural Resources, Spain



Peter Kiss


Fernando García Ferrer

Head of Markets, Spain



Peter Kiss


Peter Kiss




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