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KPMG knowledge base of articles and publications to assist you, our clients, to understand the key tax issues being faced by oil and gas companies around the world.

KPMG firms can help your company enter new energy markets in many ways. We offer international tax structuring advice and tax due diligence and compliance services specific to mergers and acquisitions, major energy investments, capital expenditure projects, joint ventures and operational excellence in the ENR industry.

KPMG firms can help your Energy companies optimize your multinational operations and supply chains that involve many cross-border and inter-company transactions, for example, by centralizing procurement, manufacturing, (offshore) services, and trading or sales. KPMG’s services for managing operational excellence focus on integrating business objectives with tax objectives and reviewing industry-specific tax aspects. These include manufacturing deductions, merchant trading, tax credits for energy-efficient technologies, and tax credits and deductions for research and development. We can also help assess expenditures versus capitalization of costs and the tax implications of financing instruments.

 Tax Efficiencies

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Tax Efficiencies

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