KPMG Global Energy Conference - Asia Pacific programme

Thursday, 25 April




08:30 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:15

Welcome address

Pek Hak Bin, Head of Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in Singapore

09:15 – 09:45

Establishing the Global Energy Institute in Singapore

Michael J. Andrew, Chairman, KPMG International

Keynote address: Singapore’s role in the regional energy value chain

Mr. S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore

Singapore has established itself as one of Asia’s major energy hubs and top oil refining centres in the world through its commitment to provide an efficient and stable business environment for energy markets. To maintain its position in the regional energy value chain, Singapore has continued to actively invest in critical areas like smart energy infrastructures and systems, and energy R&D. Our distinguished speaker will share insights on Singapore’s strategies to maintain its standing as a regional hub and plans on both regional and global fronts.

Launch of Global Energy Institute

Mr. S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore

Michael Andrew, Chairman, KPMG International

Tham Sai Choy, Managing Partner, KPMG in Singapore

09:45 – 10:10

International energy policy developments and lessons learnt

Dr. Timothy Stone CBE, Global Senior Advisor, KPMG in the U.K.

10:10 – 10:45



10:45 – 11:30

How energy companies create value and drive economic development



  • Satyanarayan R. (Satya), Head of Government & Infrastructure, KPMG in Singapore


  • Eugene Leong, Director, Energy & Chemicals, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Hendi Prio Santoso, President Director & CEO, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk
  • Pek Hak Bin, Head of Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in Singapore

11:30 – 12:15

Panel discussion: Financing and securing future energy growth

The rapid growth in Asian economies, accompanied by increasing energy requirement, is posing financing challenges. These are further compounded by the global financial crisis, which saw the demise of some traditional sources of finances. The panel will discuss innovation in financing, new avenues for tapping capital markets, and the increasingly important role of multilateral agencies in energy financing.



  • Sharad Somani, ASPAC Head of Power & Utilities, KPMG in Singapore


  • Foong Chong Lek, Associate Director, Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  • Nobuyuki Higashi, Executive Officer for Asia and Pacific, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
  • Neil MacDonald, Head of Project Finance, Asia Pacific, J.P. Morgan
  • Jordan Schwartz, Manager, Infrastructure Policy, The World Bank

12:15 – 14:30

Lunchtime speech: Changing energy landscape  Challenges for Asia

Masakazu Toyoda, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

The energy sector in Asia is a fast-growing space. With the speed and scale at which Asian economies are developing, the region now dominates the global energy landscape and sees the fastest consumption of energy. Our esteemed speaker will share his insights on the impact of Asia's growth on global energy trends, and the opportunities Asia will offer industry players.

Plenary session closing remarks

Pek Hak Bin, Head of Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in Singapore

 14:30 – 15:30

Break-out session 1

Option 1A

Performance optimisation at national oil companies (NOCs) and international oil companies (IOCs)


  • Martin Armistead, Director, Advisory, KPMG in Singapore
  • Alex Muir, Regional Director APAC, BP Singapore Pte Ltd

National oil companies (NOCs) and international oil companies (IOCs) are both faced with fast-changing and competitive energy markets that are increasingly complex and interlinked. To compete effectively, both NOCs and IOCs need to optimise their performance. NOCs will have to navigate governmental constraints while IOCs face a different set of challenges while identifying viable strategies. Learn about the key issues faced by NOCs and IOCs and how they can manage change successfully.


Option 1B

Operational excellence and shared service centres – Best practices in ASEAN


  • Juvanus Tjandra, Partner, Advisory, KPMG in Singapore
  • Gustavo Penas, VP Controller – Finance Operations, Shell Business Service Centres

In addition to cost savings, shared service centres also help organisations achieve operational excellence through various features such as the standardisation of services and processes, and realisation of economies of scale. Gain an understanding of best practices in ASEAN and learn about future developments allowing for greater optimisation of operational excellence.

15:30 – 16:00



16:00 – 17:00

Break-out session 2

Option 2A

Power & Utilities – Smart cities, smart organisations


Smart Grid Initiative in Singapore

  • Yotaro Akamine, Associate Partner, KPMG in Japan
  • Chan Eng Kiat, Principal Specialist & Project Director – Intelligent Energy System, Energy Market Authority
  • Shuji Miyasaka, Partner, KPMG in Japan


Option 2B

Containing major capital investment schedules and costs of mega projects


The nature of energy markets lends itself to infrastructure mega projects that require immense investments of resources and capital. Mega-scale projects also come with greater challenges in terms of project management and risk. Stakes are also much higher for owners, contractors, and other player on the project team. In this session, we will provide an overview of challenges faced by mega projects and ways to minimise complexity and risk, especially through containing capital investment schedules and costs.


  • Hilda Mulock Houwer, Global Head of Advisory, Global Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in the United Arab Emirates



  • Didik Sasongko Widi, Vice President LNG, PT Pertamina (Persero)
  • Gary Webster, Partner, Global Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG in Canada


Conference close

Programme is subject to change.

Picture: Launching KPMG’s Global Energy Institute are Guest of Honour, Second Minister Iswaran (centre), KPMG International Chairman Michael Andrew (right) and Managing Partner of KPMG in Singapore, Tham Sai Choy (left)