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Energy companies are also faced with strong and continuing demand for energy products, leading to the development of unconventional energy sources which are complex and inherently risky. In addition, energy companies also face evolving regulation and greater scruitiny from shareholders and other stakeholders as they seek growth a a good return on investment.

Given the importance of risk to the energy sector, internal and external risk management practices and policies need to be embedded at all organisational levels. The publications below provide further insight into risk transformation for energy sector participants.

 Risk Transformation

No paper chase
Major LNG projects
Chatham House Report
Shale Development
General Counsel Survey 2012

India Fraud Survey 2012

Fraudsters are increasingly relying on futuristic frauds to defraud organizations.

Publish and be damned - What does your online corporate profile reveal?

With so many cyber attacks in the news recently executives are becoming increasingly concerned about their organisation’s exposure to hackers.

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Risk Transformation

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