Solutions for Clients

Solutions for Clients 

If you are like many companies, you may be altering your business strategy and processes to meet the challenges of big data. And you may have difficulty analyzing and interpreting your data to make better decisions.

For example, how can you analyze your data to choose the best customers or suppliers? If you are expanding into a new market, how can you better predict the tax and regulatory impact? Should you change your product strategy based on customers' social and mobile behavior?

KPMG Capital

Helping to transform big data into tangible value

Turning data into business intelligence

KPMG Capital is investing in data and analytics (D&A) solutions to help answer these kinds of questions — so companies can:

  • increase market share
  • improve competitive positioning
  • create new revenue streams
  • reduce costs
  • manage risk

And since we are set up as a specific investment fund for D&A development, we can move quickly when opportunities arise. As we identify and develop advanced capabilities in D&A, we will quickly make them available through KPMG member firms around the world.

KPMG Capital Limited and KPMG Capital Holding Limited comprise an investment fund for KPMG member firms. The investment fund is not open to third-party investment and will not, itself, provide professional services to clients. KPMG Capital Limited and KPMG Capital Holding Limited are legally distinct and separate from KPMG International Cooperative and each KPMG member firm.

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KPMG’s global network of Data & Analytics practices

KPMG’s global network can help turn data into value. After all, we have decades of experience analyzing tax, audit and business data to help organizations drive competitive advantage.