Career progression 

Career progression at KPMG is about you finding the path you want to take, and getting the support you need to get there.

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How has someone at KPMG helped you to build a career?


Johannesburg – I was fortunate enough to be allocated to a performance manager who really took me under his wing and who has always been a sounding board for me, even now I am five years down the line into corporate finance.


Sydney – I am a graduate tax consultant. I have a buddy who looks after my everyday activities and I have a performance manager who also helps supervise the work I do and helps me get through my day-to-day work challenges.


Montreal – I think everyone plays a part in the office in reaching our goals, whether it’s your managers, Partners, your clients, your performance manager or your mentors — they all play a small part in helping you reach where you want to go your career.


Montreal – I joined the firm as a staff member and then I became a senior accountant. I had a senior manager who became a very good of mine. He was a coach, a mentor who showed me that I could always aspire for more and do better.


New York – A performance manager who really believes in you is critical to your success and that is what I have here at KPMG.

Maybe you want to make Partner by the time you’re 30. Or perhaps you want a long-term assignment abroad, or to work across service lines and get a really broad range of experience.


It’s up to you to decide your next move, and how to make it happen, but at KPMG you’ll get great career support and encouragement to explore potential career paths and opportunities. You can talk to a KPMG mentor or career coach about your ambitions, and in your annual Dialogue appraisal you’ll be able to state your career aspirations and talk to your performance manager about how to achieve them.


A lot of our people have long and successful careers at KPMG. Others use the skills, experience and business knowledge they develop to go on and do great things elsewhere. Many of our alumni have had successful careers outside KPMG – so whichever direction you take at KPMG your skills and experiences will set you up perfectly for future challenges.


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