The Modern Tax Professional 

To help clients manage today’s changing world of tax, Modern Tax Professionals at KPMG member firms are Forward Thinking, possess a Global Mindset and are Value Adding. These are people who are Experts in their field and who are Passionate about delivering a different type of tax advice, providing clear solutions to client challenges, and turning knowledge into value.

The Modern Tax Professional:

Who is the Modern Tax Professional?

The key to being a modern tax professional at KPMG is someone who is enthusiastic, who likes a challenge, who helps clients cut through the complexity.

He is also a manager, he is managing not only the work he is also managing the relationship with the client.

A modern tax professional at KPMG to me means being able to see the client’s big picture and understanding how tax fits within their vision.

Being a tax professional today not only requires the technical skills that have always been necessary, but also the ability to get accustomed to a new environment that’s surrounding you.

We are providing a range of advice to clients, we’re not just doing tax returns.

A lot of time our clients are operating in multi-jurisdictions and have complex issues beyond tax and business, beyond corporate tax, so our clients are looking for not only sound business advice but also for us to consider opportunities that they may not have considered themselves.

There are a number of business changes happening that are directly affecting tax and compliance, which requires people to have a really good understanding of not just the tax issues but also the business issues.

You have to anticipate your client’s needs and work with the client to understand exactly what their objectives are – not just from a tax point of view but from the point of view of their business as a whole.

Large organizations are demanding that commercial acumen in a tax professional, and that means thinking about stakeholders, its thinking about the impact on the business.

We definitely bring value and it a great feeling to be able to do that.

The client wants to hear from you. They want to hear your insight, they want to hear your advice, and you can tell that you’re actually helping them, you’re making a difference.

Developing your Career

KPMG is a great place to allow you to develop your talents if you have the drive and ambition to do that.

What makes KPMG a fantastic place to work is the team mentality.

You can kind-of decide where you want your career path to go, and there really is the support there to really make your career what you want of it.

There are always people there that are willing to help you and to answer questions, and I really do think that the people are the best part of this firm.

They are so supportive of my career development, my growth, my learning - and I can turn around and put this into value for our clients.

I have had really good mentors who have helped me decide what is right for me and actually develop the areas I need to focus on.

So a mentor is very important in the firm, to help you improve, help you go where you want to go.

With the training, the mentorship culture and the support that KPMG offers you both personally and professionally.

There is so much support for continuing education about all aspects of business not just tax, you know like how to build relationships with people, how to manage projects, how to manage time.

They give you responsibility, and not only do they give you responsibility but they give you the tools to execute on that. For instance when I was a co-op student I was introduced to CEOs, CFOs at such a high level, and I was quite impressed that I was given such responsibility at such a low junior level.

We have got an excellent network, really highly professional people we can leverage on, we can learn from. And we have the duty to really implement that culture for our next generation, and this is really a great professional opportunity.


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Attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just locally but globally.