Living in KPMG’s MESA region 

KPMG’s MESA region offers you a great quality of life, wherever you decide to locate.
Living in KPMG’s MESA region

From tax-free remuneration across all the Gulf States, to the relatively low cost of living in MESA, you can reasonably expect to live very comfortably, whether you want accommodation in an expat compound or in amongst the local community.

Low crime rates and leading leisure, shopping, and dining facilities mean you can really enjoy your time when you’ve finished work.


"This is by far the best quality of life I’ve had in my career." - Andrew, CEO, KPMG in Saudi Arabia

A generally warm climate makes outdoor activities an attractive proposition, from taking a boat out to sea to hiking in the mountainous areas of south Asia.

Living in KPMG’s MESA region, you’ll also see the world in a new light. The whole region is culturally diverse, with a large number of expatriates from all over the world – that means you can enjoy a thriving social community and also experience a variety of local cultures.

Countries in the region are among the most historically rich and significant in the world. With cultural history in the region dating back some 7,000 years, there are breathtaking relics and monuments still standing, particularly in Egypt. What is unique about this region is that some of these ancient structures now jostle for space with the modern developments that successful, growing economies are driving.

You don’t generally need to speak Arabic or Urdu to get along in MESA but in some Arabic countries you may need to abide by local customs.

Travel and mobility in the region is quite easy and getting cheaper with the rise of low cost carriers. A short haul flight is all that is required to take you to one of the MESA region’s fascinating cities, whether it is the bars and restaurants of Dubai, the Indian Ocean beaches of Muscat, one of the holy cities in Saudi Arabia or the Indian subcontinent. 

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