Message from Masoud Naqvi — Chairman of the MESA region 

Why work for KPMG in the MESA region? I can only say from my own experience what a phenomenal opportunity this is for talented people.
Message from Masoud Naqvi — Chairman of the MESA region

Global economic conditions are undoubtedly making life tough in many markets around the world. Many countries are, out of necessity, reducing their recruitment activity or, at the very least, delaying it. I’m glad to say that at the moment KPMG’s MESA region is suffering less than most. The region incorporates both the Gulf States and South Asia, while some areas may be quieter than others we still have a huge demand for talented people. This is particularly the case in the GCC countries.

I’d like to encourage anyone looking to advance their career and wanting to do that in an exciting, dynamic and diverse market to seriously consider the MESA region. There really is something for everyone — whether you are a specialist or an all-rounder. Two years ago KPMG firms had 2,500 professionals in the region. Today we have over 4,000 and expect to increase that number by another 1,500 very soon. You could be one of them.

Our firms have got an amazing range of clients, many of them dealing in areas that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Sovereign wealth funds or in the oil and gas industries. The knock on effect of that is that you may need to learn new industries fast but, in return, you are highly likely to be able to progress your career much quicker than you could by staying at ‘home’.

The rewards are attractive too. Competitive salaries and no income tax in the Gulf States mean you can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle. The exposure to business and relationship styles that vary across the region would provide you a winning combination.

I strongly urge you to take that next step. There is nothing like an overseas move to open your mind to new and different ways of working - and that will put you in an even stronger position when you look for your next new role.

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