Rewards and benefits 

Working for KPMG firms in the MESA region offers many more rewards and benefits than just the attractive remuneration package you might expect.
Rewards and benefits

MESA offers great opportunities for learning new skills and developing your experience across a range of industries, with clients of all sizes, and working alongside colleagues from many different countries.

But there are also many potential rewards outside of work. The policy of no income tax across the GCC countries means you can secure a very comfortable quality of life. The relatively low cost of living in other MESA countries means that the professionals MESA firms are looking for (at Senior Manager level and above) can also enjoy high quality lifestyles wherever they locate.

There are lots of people who come to work in the region for a short period but stay longer than planned because they like the lifestyle. Many people find that life in MESA is more laidback in some ways; that people are friendly and take time to interact with you.

"In Kuwait we are focused on making a difference, and there are incentives from the partners for that." - Bader, Engagement Manager, Kuwait

"I've found you tend to learn more in smaller offices, because you have to work across the disciplines." - Jeyapriya, Partner, Dubai

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