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In KPMG’s MESA region you will be challenged by a diverse and unique set of clients.
Our firms' clients

In KPMG’s MESA region you will be challenged by a diverse and unique set of clients.

There are many different opportunities for individuals. You could be working at a level in industries and markets that may not be accessible anywhere else (such as with oil and gas company management, and Sovereign wealth fund investments), or in nascent or developing markets where you can shape an evolving financial landscape and even set the standards for national best practice.

The caliber of clients right across the region is up there with our most mature firms – they include banks and financial services brands, oil and gas companies, and telecoms and technology companies.

Since many of our service lines are still in their early stages in MESA countries, you will experience first-hand how to build a practice, develop client relationships, and make them both a long-term success. This exposure will give you skills and experience that will be invaluable in your career, whether you decide to return to your home country or stay on.

When considering working in this region, you can choose either to specialize in engagements within a certain sector, or to gain the benefit of experience across a broad range of industries. Either way, your career will be enhanced by your new knowledge.

"Working here I have to handle all types of taxes in relation to my portfolio. It keeps me up to date and gives me a broad exposure to business.“ - Shamila, Director, Sri Lanka

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