Our culture 

KPMG has been ranked as second in a Best Saudi Company to Work For survey hosted by Al Eqtisadiah newspaper.
Our culture
We have achieved this by ensuring we:


  • sustain a culture that supports excellence through initiatives in our Employer of Choice program
  • provide the best support and career planning though detailed performance measurement and identification of relevant career paths including secondments to overseas practices
  • deliver the best education with a dedicated training department, local and overseas courses and providing support to our people with further qualifications
  • continue to work towards becoming Employer of Choice in all MESA countries .


Like KPMG member firms across the world, the culture in KPMG’s MESA region is a friendly one of support and collaboration. This region is a global economic hub, and due to this it attracts talented young professionals – in MESA you will be recognized for your contribution, and your career should develop quickly.


Diversity is a key word here. There are large numbers of expatriates from all over the world working for KPMG in the region, which means you will be operating in a truly multicultural environment. You will also experience the breadth of cultures native to your chosen country, and learn how they do business – both in your interaction with clients, and with your colleagues. This makes every day an exciting and challenging experience.


We are driving to improve equality in the workplace. Society in some MESA countries is undoubtedly male dominated – however, in Saudi Arabia women represent five percent of the member firm’s workforce with targets to grow that by a further five percent every year. The Bahrain firm is aiming to make 25 percent of its workforce female. The Pakistan firm has promoted its first female Partner – a first not only for KPMG in Pakistan but also a first amongst the Big 4 in the country.


The pace of progress means working hard often, but the culture of work/life balance is respected and encouraged throughout the region.

"KPMG is conscious of maintaining a work/life balance. But there are certain times when you work like crazy."- Reyaz, Partner, Colombo, Sri Lanka
"In Kuwait what you do is recognized" - Bader, Manager, Kuwait
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