Bader's profile 

I wanted to join KPMG because of the networks I would have access to – but primarily I wanted to be involved in the new setup in Kuwait. I thought it would be a good challenge to assist and be part of that team.
Bader's profile
Service line: Audit 
Role: Manager
Location: Kuwait
Joined KPMG: 2006

The efforts we put in have paid off really well. I have been exposed to many areas of the business, and the partners were very helpful in making me capitalise on opportunities which have genuinely maximized my potential and helped me in achieving my business goals and career aspirations. I wasn’t expecting to be involved in every area of the firm, but I was and as a result I think that it became an unrivalled opportunity that has really contributed towards my development. I joined as a senior associate, and was then promoted twice to manager, which is rapid progress compared to my peers.

Growth has been fast in our office and just seeing where we stand today in Kuwait is the highlight of my career. We started with only 20 people and we are now more than 100 in just three years but apart from the partners, I am the only Kuwaiti in the audit department. That means I get exposed to different cultures, mostly India and South Asia, but also the Middle East and Europe.

The environment at KPMG in Kuwait is very welcoming and supportive making the phrase 'Employer of Choice' more than just a buzzword. Partners are open and always accessible, which helps a lot. You also get more freedom to do what you think is right and put your own mark on things.

My work is mainly focused on investment funds but because Kuwait is a very small market, our office is still not industry driven and we are therefore expected to work in different areas, so I also work in retail and transportation sectors, among others.

Relationships are an important element of the the business culture here. The better your relationship with your client, the more you can get them to accept your way of thinking. At the end of the day, we in KPMG always put our people first and that’s what makes us different.

The culture in Kuwait is not as open as in Europe and that’s for religious reasons, but it does not impact on business. For someone coming into Kuwait the transition will be very smooth; the firm will help with relocation and will assign ‘buddies’ to look after you.

It is a developing office in a developing country and in an emerging economy, but “all good things go together...” and I personally believe that our office is a place where talent and culture can combine into a great career experience. 

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