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Hi. I’m Roy, an Audit partner at KPMG in the Almaty office. I started life with KPMG as a trainee accountant in the South African firm. I then moved to KPMG in London for eight years and joined the banking group through the global mobility secondment program because I wanted to work in a large specialist office. An opportunity to move to Dubai as a partner then followed and I spent four years there honing my skills as a partner and running the Financial Services practice. After that I was approached to join the Russian firm as there was a need for banking specialists. Recently an opportunity in Almaty, Kazakhstan arose to take on the role of Risk Management partner as well as to continue servicing Financial Sector clients in Kazakhstan, which I accepted.
Roy’s profile
"If you’re thinking of coming to CIS, have an open mind and be prepared to be adaptable, but most importantly, just do it."


Service line: Audit

Role: Partner

Location: Almaty

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I moved to Russia to keep my career moving and to keep me challenged and interested. It’s a very dynamic environment and my emerging market experience is well matched for such a fast growing country. Language isn’t too much of a barrier here. In the office nearly everyone speaks English, but local clients generally work in Russian (especially if you’re not based in Moscow) so you need to rely on a colleague for translation. However, there are lots of opportunities for senior managers to take a role without the language so this is a great opportunity.

Almaty is a very interesting and multicultural environment with Western, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern influences. Here my family and I can continue our efforts to master the Russian language. It is also very suitable for families and the general pace of life a little more laid back compared to the high energy of Moscow. In the office however, it is as hectic as any other KPMG office and the professional challenges remain which keep one moving forward.

If you’re thinking of coming to CIS, have an open mind and be prepared to be adaptable, but most importantly, just do it.

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