Why KPMG in India? 

Like the economy, KPMG’s Indian firm is expanding at an incredible rate with 45 percent plus growth in each of the last three years (year on year), and anticipated growth of around 30 percent in 2008/9 — despite the global slowdown. That makes KPMG in India a very exciting place to be.
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It’s not just the economy that is behind our rapid growth — the young and ambitious professionals that are developing their careers at KPMG are the driving force, and we need more of them.


At KPMG in India you can enjoy more responsibility from day one, and the chance to make big things happen on your own initiative. New areas of the business have seen extremely fast growth: for example, the Pune office Advisory practice was established three years ago — starting from a zero base it is now the biggest practice in the region. Similarly, Corporate Finance has tripled in size in the last couple of years. With the right skill-sets, the team could grow 15–20 percent from the 60 currently employed.


This growth is driven by ambitious professionals who are tapping into key areas of business growth in India, and there is more potential yet. Your involvement in making new practices a success will allow you to understand how to add real value, which will reap great rewards for your career. We’ll offer you extensive training, from technical topics to management coaching, and advice on how to take your career even further.


If you have the right experience in overseas markets, you could be working directly with senior people in some of the world’s most successful companies — which will really enhance your skill set. Almost every multinational has a presence in India, and with over 2,000 clients KPMG in India gives you the chance to work with the best of them.


You’ll also have the opportunity to get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. In a country like India, where there is a huge and widening gap between the rich and poor, KPMG can really make a difference, and KPMG in India’s professionals put their skills to work in many global CSR and community projects —  for example, each office in KPMG India votes for its regional 'Charity of Choice' and the winning charity receives funds from our community budget. We also have ‘Make a Difference Days’ when employees work with their chosen charity through volunteering or by helping them to improve their facilities or infrastructure.


If you love adventure and opportunity, then a role with KPMG in India, where hard work is expected and properly rewarded, social responsibility is in the blood, and diversity is just a part of everyday life, could be the best move you ever make.


Top reasons to work for KPMG in India


  • KPMG in India is growing fast
  • the Indian economy is resilient and growing fast — despite the global slowdown, 6-7 percent annual growth is still forecast
  • equal opportunities for women to progress their careers within KPMG in India
  • benefit from exposure and responsibility at an early stage
  • KPMG in India has a very open culture of communication, enabling you to talk freely to anyone in the firm
  • you can work within a phenomenal variety of industries and with some of the biggest companies in the world
  • more Indian companies are going global, which presents many opportunities to get involved in mergers and acquisitions.
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