Our culture 

The culture at KPMG in India is friendly and supportive, but driven.
Our culture

Working very hard is part of life in India, in line with the country's phenomenal economic growth. Twelve-hour days are common, and professionals on international engagements will also spend some evenings making business calls to countries in other time zones. But the result is they are playing a central role in our success around the world.

Career progression can be very fast, driven by personal effort and the rapid growth of practices. KPMG in India also provides many training opportunities and encourages people to enhance their own professional qualifications — we can also help you identify areas where you can advance your own success in your career.

Our appraisal system is designed so that three separate partners review each person’s performance, so no one individual can favor (or otherwise) a member of staff — and that culture goes right to the very top. KPMG in India is currently going through a very significant partner appraisal process, which will set annual goals covering all aspects of performance and operations, and will help partners become complete as individuals.

There is an extremely transparent and objective culture of communication that applies to all levels of our firm in India. Professionals all address each other by their first names, and an open door policy means people can talk openly to senior members of the firm whenever they need to.
"I think that KPMG is probably the most democratic place I have worked. Your point of view is heard – I think this is the differentiator within the Big Four.”
Amit, Manager, Indirect Taxes

The opportunity to succeed at KPMG is open to everyone. For example, there is a large number of women working with KPMG in India, and our member firms internationally encourage and support female staff, especially those who may be returning to work after raising families. Our firms are generally open to flexible ways of working where feasible, and we have launched the KPMG Network which provides support when trying to balance work and life demands, and providing a forum to freely discuss any issues they may be having.

Corporate social responsibility is part of everyone’s role at KPMG in India. Our professionals spend 25-50 hours on initiatives every year, and have the freedom to choose where to focus their efforts. Our projects include KPMG’s India Foundation, which contributes part of our profits and provides volunteers to do hands-on work in areas such as education. This activity is also part of each professional’s evaluation.
"I believe that KPMG is a genuinely flat organization structure where I have observed people at the executive/senior level encouraged to voice their opinion directly to the partner/director – and that opinion is taken very seriously indeed."
Amit, Manager, Indirect Taxes

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